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Celebrating Pride Month 2022

Pride month celebrates the LGBTQ+ community and brings people together in love and friendship to show how far gay rights have come.

We caught up with some of our nurses to hear how they celebrate and support the community.

“I Attend pride celebrations in Dublin, parade and party celebrations with family and friends.” – Jonathan

“Have a new lanyard to support colleagues. Patients and visitors. No discrimination ❤️💙” – June

“Celebrating with my sister-in-law and her fiancée. They are getting married soon and we are going to celebrate their love with their 3 children.” – Nicole

“Celebrating with friends from the LGBTQ community. 🌈” – Gary

“We have made a Pride balloon arch with a Pride flag in our department. We also have Pride badges to give out to staff and patients.” – Elizabeth

“My youngest son is gay and I’m so proud of the man and the person he is, he stands loud and proud and always attends the parade, helping out and organising get togethers for people ❤️ He is just amazing x” – Andrea

“I was a volunteer at the Grampian pride event which included the parade and the post parade event down at the beach. Was a typical cold wet Aberdeen but the parade and event was fantastic with everyone in good spirits and a superb atmosphere all round.” – Steven

“As a LGBT person and resident of Edinburgh I will attend as every year Edinburgh’s gay pride and to be honest, looking forward to a great time 🙂 #gayisok” – Kamil

The Guild is proud to stand with the LGBTQ+ Community in celebrating #Pride2022 🌈

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