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Congratulations Susan! June’s Nurse of the Month

This is following some fantastic feedback we have received, that came directly from a client. We caught up with Susan to see how she feels about being our Nurse of the Month.

How long have you been working with the Guild?

I have worked for the Scottish Nursing Guild for 2 years.

What attracted you to join the Guild?

I was initially attracted to the Guild as an opportunity to give more variety in my scope of practice. I particularly enjoy the control and freedom the agency provides and the diversity of work.

How do you feel about being our Nurse of the Month?

I feel humbled to be nominated as Nurse of the Month and proud to work for and be a part of such a fantastic team! Thankyou!!

Thank you, Susan and congratulations! You deserve it!

You can catch up with our previous Nurse of the Month winners on our Facebook page.

If you’re thinking about joining the Guild why not check out our amazing benefits package just here. From the best pay rates around to paid NMC and NMBI fees, you don’t want to miss out!

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paula kelly
paula kelly
5 months ago

thats great susan . im paula and i feel exactly the same . my reason for joining was for flexibilty around family . That part is fantastic choosing the days i can work . good luck susan

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