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International Women’s Day

We’re celebrating International Women’s Day with our workers, by asking them to share with us a woman who inspires them.

My inspirational woman is…

“The woman who inspires me is my Mom. She always wanted to be a nurse. She gave me the vision and guided me to enter such a noble profession. She has passed away, and I’m sure she is happy looking at me from heaven that I am able to assist anyone and everyone in need.”- Salima

“Florence Nightingale, who is pioneer of modern nursing.”- Reena

“My teenage twin girls inspire me. Their lives have been difficult during Covid, with no school, no friends and no hobbies. Yet they never complain, they always remain happy and keep me sane. They are studying for their GCSEs next year and have had to study alone at home for most of the year. I am inspired by their resilience and maturity throughout these challenging times. They are strong women already and they are only 15. They are the women of the future.”- Susan

“My mum, she is the best. She helps in times of need and she supports me. She has been through a lot in her 75 years and she is still going, always looking on the bright side.”- Siofra

“My late grandmother inspires me. She was a nurse auxiliary during the 40s. She had a strong mentality, was a hard worker and an all-round diamond. Miss you Betty!”- Nicole

“Vicky Phelan she is a cervical cancer campaigner. She’s my inspiration.”- Segopodiso

“The woman who inspires me is my mother. She has always been my greatest support and guide. I may not have been the best daughter, but I will always try to make her happy and feel special. She sacrificed a lot to make me what I am today. She always knows what’s best for me. I can’t imagine a life without her, and I always pray she is with me till my last breath.”- Linto

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