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Michael, Edinburgh’s Nurse of the Year.

Congratulations Michael, Edinburgh’s Nurse of the Year. We caught up with Michael on his win:

How long have you been working with the Guild?

I have been working with the Guild since 1998 when I returned from Saudi Arabia and went full time in 2001.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Being able to help out at the last minute.

What attracted you to join the Guild?

The variety and scope of work and locations and the ability to work when it suits me.

How do you feel about being our Nurse of the Year?

I’m surprised and grateful

What do you love about being a nurse?

I’ve always enjoyed the aspect of helping others at a vulnerable time in their life  and hopefully being a positive influence in their recovery.

Have you learned anything new about working during the pandemic?

I’ve been impressed by the teamwork of everyone coming together in difficult times. The strongest team can overcome any situation.

What made you continue to work during a pandemic?

It’s been a time of everyone working together to overcome uncertain times and hopefully I’ve helped in a small way.

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