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Working as an agency nurse in Munster

Due to increasing demand from clients in the Munster area, we opened a new office in Cork in October 2022. We caught up with some of our nurses to hear their thoughts on what it’s like being an agency nurse in Munster.

Dibin’s experience

“I am a registered general nurse with experience in A&E and care of the elderly. I have been working in Ireland since 2012 throughout many counties, including Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick and Tipperary – to name a few! 

I joined the Guild full time to make my life easier, get better pay, and have the freedom I never could get anywhere else. The Guild gives me autonomy and worthiness as a nurse, which I have never had at other institutions. The pay makes life easier with increasing expenses so that I can plan and enjoy my time with my family, which is great. I have referred many nurses to work for the Guild. They are all delighted and enjoy the work satisfaction.

The staff at the Guild are lovely and friendly. The first name that comes to mind is Jordan and I call him Jo. He is my all-time favourite and is very helpful and friendly. If he comes to Cork, I will make him Indian Chicken Biriyani, which I promised. Ashling is also very helpful and encouraging.

I will always highly recommend SNG to my colleagues.”

Eldhose’s experience

“I started working for the Guild in 2018. Initially, I worked part time, but a year later, I went full time, working mainly in county Cork for the last three years.

The Guild offers excellent competitive rates. They also pay for my travel, accommodation, and yearly NMBI retention fee. I have even been able to get a mortgage and the staff were very helpful with the paperwork.

From the start, all the staff were very helpful, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Guild and all the team in the office, Jordan, Connor, Ashling, etc., to name a few!

I highly recommend The Guild to all healthcare workers out there!”

If you’re thinking about joining the Guild why not check out our amazing benefits package here. From the best pay rates around, to paid NMC and NMBI fees, you don’t want to miss out!

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