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Working for the Guild in Ireland

Our Irish nurses give us the lowdown on what it’s like to join the Guild and why the Dublin team is one of the best.

The main difference between agency and my past nursing jobs has to be the flexibility of hours. In past jobs, I had to go by a roster for hours whereas with agency, I have the choice of hours I want to work. I live in Dublin, but I have travelled to Kilkenny and Kildare for work. The driving doesn’t bother me at all. I joined the Guild as I wanted to save money to start travelling which I’ve already done some of this year. I love working with the Guild as everyone in the Office is so friendly and they’re always on board to help and support. If someone was to tell me they were thinking of joining the Guild, I’d say don’t think twice and sign up. The opportunity is too good to miss!

The Guild has been both professional and supportive from the outset of my employment with them. Their friendly approach is refreshing and encouraging. Their genuine concern for their employees is evident through their approach to our ongoing personal and professional development. I would not hesitate to recommend the Guild to my fellow nursing colleagues.’

I have had the pleasure of calling myself a Guild nurse for the past two years and very proud to be one. Without a doubt this has been a very positive experience in my nursing career. It is lovely to go out to work feeling so appreciated by the team you are working for. Nothing gives you more confidence on a shift knowing there is a strong supportive team behind you that are only a call away should any problems arise and who always acknowledge when you go that extra mile. To the Dublin team, l thank you most sincerely for making work a pleasure.’

The Dublin team are fantastic, always very professional, friendly and they genuinely care about getting you shifts! If you don’t mind travelling and want deserved pay, then the guild is for you. Only nurses know that they are doing the best job in the world, bar none!

I joined the Guild because I wanted to spend time more time with my kids while they’re young, and I was looking for a way to do this without entirely halting my nursing career. Of course, the perks (free uniform when you join), the salary, and the flexibility help. The staff in Dublin are all very helpful, accommodating, and lovely – they’re the best of the best. I always encourage my colleagues to join the Guild – they’re the best in Ireland. I do not need to tell them about the salary as the Guild is very transparent in that aspect, and I answer a few questions that they have in mind with regards to my experiences in being with the Guild.

I heard of the Guild through a colleague who trained as a nurse in Edinburgh. In comparison to other agencies, the hourly rate of the Guild and the travel expenses made it much more appealing. I’m fortunate working with the Guild that I got the opportunity to go back to the hospital where I worked as a general nurse. They appreciate your experience and don’t put you too much outside of your comfort zone, they know your experience and work with you on that!



If you’re ready to sign up, you can complete our application form here.

Got a question? Contact the Dublin team today.

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