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Awarded ‘Excellent’ in Care Inspectorate report

“We have continuity, reliability and confidence that our relative will get the quality of care that he needs”

In our 2018 annual regulatory inspection by the Care Inspectorate, we were awarded the highest possible score of Excellent. This is an outstanding achievement that sets us apart from our competitors.

Each year the Care Inspectorate review our Care at Home Services across four quality themes. Each theme is graded against a six-point scale of Unsatisfactory, Weak, Adequate, Good, Very Good and Excellent. We are once again very proud to announce that the Scottish Nursing Guild were awarded a score of Excellent across all quality themes inspected.

“Care provided by the Scottish Nursing Guild is far superior to that provided by other care agencies… their reliability cannot be faulted.”

What the Care Inspectorate said

The quality of care and support was excellent. We saw relationships between clients and health care assistants (HCAs) that were warm and caring. People told us that the care and support provided by Scottish Nursing Guild HCAs made a real difference to their lives:

“We have continuity, reliability and confidence that [name of relative] will get the quality of care that he needs.”

“The carers make a real difference to my son’s life and [name of manager] is so responsive to our needs and requests.”

HCAs had the appropriate information and resources to support people which meant that they experienced high quality care and support. For example, during the inspection two care staff were undertaking specific training that would mean they could care for a person in a more holistic way. Planned supervision and competency checks were organised following training to ensure staff deployed used their knowledge and skills well.

Where SNG provided care to people as part of a bigger care package they worked closely with the other organisation. This made sure they complimented and added value to care and support for people

We evaluated excellent involvement of people experiencing care in both planning and delivering their care. For example, one person speaking about their care plan told us:

“The plan is checked and updated three monthly, at this point I am asked if there is anything the SNG can do to improve their service.”

We suggested the manager thought about different ways to gain feedback from people experiencing care. This helps the evaluation of care and support and engages with a cycle of continued improvement.

The quality of staff, their training and responsiveness was excellent. Staff were appropriately and safely recruited and registered with the Scottish Social Services Council. We spoke to staff who felt valued and loved their job:

“”I find them [referring to office staff and management] very helpful and supportive, always at the end of the phone.” ”

“Best part of my job is making a difference to people, they trust us and that is so rewarding, makes me feel really valued.”

The manager and staff working in the office supported HCAs to undertake their work and we saw everyone respecting privacy and confidentiality of people experiencing care. One person told us:

“I have had shifts covered by SNG at very short notice, the staff at the call centre are always very polite and helpful.”

Staff had built trusting and supportive relationships with people experiencing care, this included the person’s family and carers. For example, one relative told us:

“The care and support offered by the small team makes a big difference for us and for [name of son].”

Staff were encouraged to be innovative in the way they supported and cared for people, this included supporting one person to go on holiday himself for the first time. We saw one carer supporting a person to go swimming and plans to “go clubbing” later. The carer was able to tailor care and support for this person, guided by their manager, the person’s family, but most importantly by the person themselves.

You can read our full report here