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SNG is the most wonderful thing that has happened to our family, our relative is very well looked after. I cannot recommend SNG enough. Thank you to all and everyone at SNG for all of the hard work that they do, day in, day out.

I attended the Emergency Department on the advice of an on call doctor. At a time when our health service comes under severe criticism I think that it is only right that I place on record the high standard of treatment, care and attention that I received before my discharge. In particular I would like to mention Guild Nurse Rosales who quickly identified the distress I was in and as a result I quickly moved through the various stages of my admission. His caring qualities and patient consideration put me at ease and was over and above which I expected. I would ask that Nurse Rosales be informed of my appreciation.

The progress our son has made in the 2 years plus that SNG have been taking care of him has been quite remarkable. He now follows his daily routine and his health and well-being have improved so much. For us, his parents, we have worked very well with all staff and the SNG team have always been just a phone call away.

SNG is a model of what a nursing agency is and through your skills, I feel safe in your hands. When you took charge I was at the lowest stage of my life. I can’t express enough how grateful and fortunate I feel that I ended up under your care.

We literally couldn’t run our hospital without SNG. Companies like SNG do a great job in supporting hospitals and giving nurses choice in their work.

The Belfast team are always very helpful to all members of the Staff Bank. They are pleasant to deal with on the phone and answer all queries asked from them. They keep us updated regularly on filling requested shifts.