Palliative and end of life care in Scotland

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Discreet palliative and end of life care

We believe that everyone should have the right to spend their final days in the comfort of their own home. During those difficult last few days, it is important that clients can spend quality time with family and friends.

Our palliative and end of life services include rapid discharge support, which facilitates loved ones to be moved from hospital back to their home in the shortest of time, or rapid response to provide additional support at home. Whether you require clinical nursing support or simple care services, our teams are experienced in managing a client’s needs whilst also ensuring dignity is maintained at all times.

Having nurses and healthcare assistants with experience in palliative care, will reassure and provide emotional support to individuals and their families. We can provide support from four hours, up to 24 hours per day and can also provide overnight support only, whatever is required, we will do our best to accommodate.

We have worked with numerous NHS Health Boards and private individuals to provide a full palliative care service whilst also providing staff to complement palliative care teams, district nursing teams and other care providers.

Case studies

We were contacted by a local district nursing team to support an individual who was nearing end of life. The client lived in a very remote part of Scotland so it proved difficult for the district nursing team to source local care. The family desperately required assistance with essential care to ensure they could spend as much quality time with their loved one. We provided nurses who travelled from outside the area and began supporting the client on the same day. Our nurses cared for this client 24/7 until she passed peacefully at home with her family.

We were contacted directly by the family of an individual requiring palliative care. They required nursing support to ensure their relative could still enjoy family time. Our client was still keen to retain as much normality to their life as possible and our nurses respected this, ensuring discreet and professional care always. We continued to support this client until they passed some weeks later. The family were extremely grateful for our support and that they were able to spend invaluable time with their loved one knowing that he was in the best hands.

Firstly, can I say that out of the 11 organisations I contacted in the area, SNG was the only one prepared to supply the support we required, even with little notice. We wanted to honour our mum’s wish to die at home, yet there was no-one who seemed to be available to help us. If you are ever in a position where you need to bring a loved one home for palliative/end of life care, I would recommend that you seriously consider using a professional, 24-hour nursing care provider. Yes, the cost may be higher, but it is most often only for a relatively short time. The peace of mind it provides is immeasurable and makes a difficult process much more bearable. SNG’s company motto is ‘when no-one else can’ – well, you certainly lived up to your company’s mission with us!

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