Crisis team

Crisis intervention teams and one to one care

It’s vital to have fully staffed crisis teams in all corners of the country, and our specialist mental health and learning disability nurses and healthcare assistants are ready 24/7.

Whether there are gaps in your rotas, annual leave you can’t cover or increased demand for support in your local area, you can rely on the Guild to be there. Our nurses and healthcare assistants have the skills to step in at the patient’s home, in the community or at hospital.

Whenever we receive a request for a crisis intervention or one to one support, we carefully analyse the information about every patient to ensure we only send workers who have the right skills and references to manage the patient’s needs. We also fully brief every worker before they arrive. This means our nurses and healthcare assistants can begin delivering the most suitable care immediately.

In hospital settings, our nurses and healthcare assistants can support you from the initial admission and assessment of a patient right through to discharge.

At the Guild, we have extensive experience with challenging cases. Whether the patient requires 1:1 support or 4:1 support, we can provide an appropriate team to ensure stability of care, while maintaining the safety and wellbeing of other health professionals, patients and their family.

Please note, we can only supply registered nurses within community settings in Northern Ireland.

If your needs are urgent, please call us on 0131 229 9988 or email