Covid-19 testing solutions

Our Covid-19 testing solutions allow employers to check if employees currently have coronavirus.

Antigen tests look for the presence of coronavirus. Regularly testing employees can mitigate outbreaks in your work environment, whilst also protecting your business operations.

We have access to three UK government and CE approved rapid antigen test, which can be conducted on-site, as well as via reputable PCR testing, with results returned within 48 hours from our laboratory partners. We are also a government-approved provider of private testing solutions.

Rapid Antigen Testing

Rapid antigen testing is a point-of-care nasal swab test that delivers an on the spot result when detecting the presence of live COVID-19 virus. It is carried out either on-site by a qualified healthcare professional, or remotely via video technology such as Zoom or Skype. One nurse can test around 10-15 people per hour. We supply the tests, the specialist trained staff to carry them out (either in person or remotely), and then if needed, an after-service to assist with any track and trace needs.

When to use rapid antigen testing?
Our rapid antigen testing solution can be used to test employees on a regular basis, giving them confidence that they are safe at work. It can also be used in response to a potential outbreak and to protect the wider workforce. Our nurses can be deployed on-site or remotely, at very short notice to test your staff and help avoid any closure to your operations. Please check out our latest video on the benefits of rapid antigen testing here.

PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test

The PCR test looks for evidence that the virus is currently in your body, by detecting the presence of its RNA in a swab sample from your nose/throat. A qualified healthcare professional will insert a swab into the nose and/or throat of an individual requiring testing. This swab will be inserted into a test tube and sent off to a laboratory on the day. Results are usually returned within 48 hours. We can provide a qualified healthcare professional to help interpret results once they are returned, and offer advice to anyone who is concerned about their result.

Rapid antigen testing v PCR testing

Turnaround time Accuracy Cost per test
Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Up to 3 days to get results* 99.3% £100+
Rapid Antigen PoC Nasal Swab 15-minutes 97% £20-£65


Our rapid antigen nasal-swab test has comparable sensitivity and accuracy, with a few percentage points less sensitivity than the PCR test. PCR is 99.3% accurate (it would miss 1 person in 100). A nasal-swab test is 97% accurate: 3 in every 100 would be missed. Test accuracy is also heavily dependent on the test being conducted under the supervision of a qualified medical professional, be that in person or remotely.

However, the lower sensitivity level is mitigated by the fact that the nasal-swab test delivers results within 15 minutes. The PCR test can take up to 3 days to return once someone is able to get an appointment with the lab.

The cost of a PCR test is over £100 with the rapid antigen nasal-swab test costing between £20 and £65, dependent on clinical support needed, is easier to use and far less uncomfortable for the person being tested as it is not as invasive as previous swab tests.

Trained health professionals, available at short notice

We can mobilise qualified nurses, healthcare assistants and phlebotomists across the country at short notice, so wherever your place of work, we can reach you quickly. Our extensive pool of health professionals and large-scale testing capacity allows us to perform multiple tests on a daily basis, with results available within 15 minutes, a faster turnaround time than government-issued tests.  You will also receive expert, clinical support and advice, either onsite or remotely, to interpret test results and advise on next steps.

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