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CPD study days

The Scottish Nursing Guild offer voluntary study days, regardless of band and qualification. Our aim is to provide our clients with knowledgeable and professional agency works, which is facilitated by our continuing professional development (CPD) courses and updates.

PMVA refresher study day

This 1 day refresher is for both RMNs and Healthcare Assistants working within mental health and psychiatry. Attendees must have previously attended a full or refresher course within the past 12-14 months to enable the refresher training to be fully applicable.

The purpose of this study day is for the attendee to have knowledge and an understanding of:

  • Causes of aggressive and challenging behaviour
  • Different management strategies for types of behaviours including distraction and diffusion
  • Effective use of verbal de-escalation techniques and prevention of physical interventions
  • When is physical intervention appropriate, including safe practise and breakaway techniques and the legislation

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