Palliative care support across Northern Ireland

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Our nurses and healthcare assistants can support you with palliative and end of life care

Everyone should have the right to spend their final days in their own home with their family and friends. We make it possible for patients to be moved quickly and safely from the hospital back to their home, and provide extra support at home if need be.

Whether you need a few hours of personal care or 24/7 clinical support, we can build the right team around you. We’re able to provide the nursing care needed in pain management, medication, and holistic end-of-life treatments for both adults and children.

Whenever you need us, we can support:
  • Enabling people to spend more time at home with loved ones
  • Supporting people to maintain their comfort and dignity
  • Always respecting family dynamics
  • Managing breakthrough pain
  • Liaison with multi-disciplinary teams to enable the delivery of holistic care

If your needs are urgent, please call us on 0333 323 0337 or alternatively, complete the form below and we’ll be in touch:

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Firstly, can I say that out of the 11 organisations I contacted in the area, SNG was the only one prepared to supply the support we required, even with little notice. We wanted to honour our mum’s wish to die at home, yet there was no-one who seemed to be available to help us. If you are ever in a position where you need to bring a loved one home for palliative/end of life care, I would recommend that you seriously consider using a professional, 24-hour nursing care provider. Yes, the cost may be higher, but it is most often only for a relatively short time. The peace of mind it provides is immeasurable and makes a difficult process much more bearable. SNG’s company motto is ‘when no-one else can’ – well, you certainly lived up to your company’s mission with us!