NMC & NMBI fees paid for all nurses

For over 20 years, the Scottish Nursing Guild has been renowned for rewarding our nurses more than others.

For over a year we have paid the annual NMBI fees for our loyal nurses and midwives and in the first year alone this figure stood at 740 payments across the Scottish Nursing Guild.

How do I qualify? All you have to do is work 18 shifts within the annual period between your most recent NMBI renewal and your upcoming renewal and keep your compliance up to date at all times.

We have immediate vacancies for:

  • Medical & surgical nurses
  • ITU nurses
  • A&E nurses
  • Psychiatric RPNs
  • Intellectual disability nurses

There are plenty of other reasons to join the Guild too:

  • Free annual flu vaccine voucher
  • Paid travel costs so you’ll never be out of pocket
  • Access to high quality voluntary training courses
  • Nurse led call centre team, 24/7
  • Online booking system

Not yet registered with us? Complete the form below and a member of the recruitment team will be in touch: