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Working in Ireland – FAQs


  1. How much does the NMBI Cost?

    The initial application costs €350.00 plus your annual registration costs of €145.00. The easiest way to start your NMBI registration process is visit the NMBI website here and create a new account. This online service will take you through the steps required. For qualification criteria, please see page 11 here.

  2. How will my application get fast-tracked through the NMBI?

    As soon as you register with the NMBI, please email and we will inform the NMBI that you are one of our nurses. They will prioritise your file and it will take a maximum of three weeks.

  3. Will my NMBI fee costs be reimbursed?

    Absolutely. Once you start working in the Republic of Ireland and complete 15 shifts, we will reimburse you the full amount.

  4. Is there work in Ireland?

    We have shifts across the country, in every speciality. We have a lot of work in nursing homes and in all hospital settings. We are particularly busy in Cork, Dublin, Kilkenny, Galway, Kerry, Sligo and Kildare.

  5. Will I have access to accommodation?

    Many HSE hospitals and nursing homes are offering free hotel accommodation to nurses. If you have to find your own accommodation, we will reimburse you 50% of your accommodation costs, up to a maximum of €30 reimbursed per night. This will be added to your shift pay. If you are looking to stay in Ireland long-term, we can help you find accommodation through trusted sites.

  6. How much will I be paid?

    Our pay rates are available here.

  7. How will I be paid?

    We can pay you in to your UK bank account or we can help you set up an Irish bank account and you can be paid in Euros. The choice is yours.

  8. How will I get a PPS number? (Irelands National Insurance number)

    Once you have applied for your NMBI, we will then send you the documents for your PPS number. We have an agreement with the Irish Government, and they will fast track your PPS application. Once you send in your NMBI registration, we will send you the documents for your PPS number.

  9. Why should I register for a PPS number?

    In Ireland, you can earn up to €13,000.00 tax-free per year and having an Irish Tax number will allow you to claim your Irish tax back at the end of the financial year. Whether you are thinking of moving to Ireland long term or short term, we encourage you to get an Irish Tax number. Please consider that on the 31st of December, the UK will leave the EU. Having this set up before then will allow you to work across Ireland without any hassle.

  10. How long is the registration process?

    The longest part of this process will be getting your own registration verified by the NMC. We encourage you to seek this ASAP. The NMBI process will take three weeks once your documents are submitted.

  11. Will Brexit affect my application?

    We are working closely with the NMBI to ensure that Brexit does not impact your ability to work in Ireland. But, as the UK will no longer be a member of the EU after the 31st of December, it might be easier to get your application approved before Dec 31st.

  12. What do I do when I submit my NMBI application?

    Once your NMBI application is submitted, please email to let us know. We will then contact the NMBI and request they fast track your application.

  13. Who can help me with my NMBI application?

    Everything that you need can be found on the NMBI website. If you need any additional support or guidance, one of our Clinical Leads can support you as they have been through the NMBI application process.

  14. Do I have to do an English test?

    For details on how to prove your English language skills, please see pages 25 and 26 of this document.

  15. Can I bring my car over to Ireland?

    Absolutely. You will need to check with your UK insurance provider, but there should be no problem with this. Having a car is not essential but will open up more work opportunities, as well as enabling you to travel and see the beauty that Ireland has to offer in your free time.

  16. Will I have to quarantine when I arrive in Ireland?

    There is no official quarantine requirement for healthcare workers, however, we would like to test you before you start working with our clients. A test will be organised for you when you arrive.